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Casual French restaurant 
chez MACIO
The store where an ostrich dish and cheese foudue are recommended

As well as the dish by which fuss tastes good in the cozy atmosphere.
An oasis in the city where you can enjoy cheese foudue and an ostrich dish is proposed.
The last taste by which everyone admits a cheese fondue of a specialty
It's ostrich meat, cheese and wine that I purchased more healthy safe relieved new foods and came.
Ostrich meat of high protein low-fat was one piece which can't be removed in Mary who is so- JU.
Welcome to the world of casual French cuisine.

The cheese foudue which evolved into the last taste from the taste of the
  Gusto of a safe and healthy ostrich dish is proposed....
  The casualness to which even one person can come casually, charm...

The cheese foudue from chez MACIO is attentive.
The moderate body involves the ingredients smoothly.
 Though it's thick, palate is the nonesuch foudue felt smoothly.

Drink menu

From a soft drink of 400 yen.
Draft beer of 700 yen
From a glass of wine of 600 yen.
From a cocktail of 700 yen.
From bottle wine of 3150 yen.

Additionally there are many.

The dish menu

From an appetizer of 600 yen.
From cheese foudue of 900 yen.
From a pasta dish of 1100 yen.
From a meat dish and a fish dish of 1100 yen.
From a course menu of 2800 yen.
From a dessert of 400 yen.

Additionally there are many.

Lunch menu

2 kinds of pasta, 980 yen for each
An omelet stuffed with fried rice of 1000 yen
A rice casserole of 1000 yen
Cheese foudue of 1300 yen
A meat dish and a fish dish of 1200 yen for each

A lunch menu is soup and salad. With a dessert

A course menu of 1700 yen



  < Farewell and welcome party, year-end party, new-year's party, wedding
party and during all kinds' party reservation reception!>

  The party remembered for a long time, a dish, everything....
  to which I'll propose a party according to the budget of the customer

One person average unit price of 5000 yen All you can drink and party cooking, tax

The business hours (A day, a holiday regular holiday and a party are removed.)

Breakfast 7:00-9:00.
Lunch 11:00-14:00
Dinner 17:00-LO22:00


Pearl hotel Yaesu, the 2nd floor
103-0028 1-2-6, Yaesu, Chuo-ku, Tokyo

chez MACIO

Tel 03-3246-8087


Than Tokyo station Hashiguchi of Japan, than 3 minutes on foot/Tokyo station Yaesu north entrance, 5
minutes on foot/Tokyo Metro Touzai line and Ginza Subway Line Nippombashi station A1
From an exit, from 1 minute on foot/Tokyo Metro Hanzoumon line Mitsukoshimae station B3 exit, 3 minutes
on foot

chez MACIO yaesu